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  • Added by: Fooddha @ 14 May 2009 23:47
    A Song From Milarepa
    Lord! Gracious Marpa! I bow down at Thy Feet! Enable me to give up worldly aims. Here is the Draghar-Taso's Middle Cave, On this the topmost summit of the Middle Cave, I, the Yogi Tibetan called Repa, Relinquishing all thoughts of what to eat or wear, and this life's aims, Have settled down to win the perfect Buddhahood.   Comfortable is the hard mattress beneath me; Comfortable is the Nepalese cotton-padded quilt above me. Comfortable is the single meditation-band which holdeth up my knee, Comfortable is the body, to a diet temperate inured, Comfortable is the Lucid Mind which discerneth present clingings and the Final Goal; Nought is there uncomfortable; everything is comfortable.   If all of ye can do so, try to imitate me; But if inspired ye be not with the aim of the ascetic life, And to the error of the Ego Doctrine will hold fast, I pray that ye spare me your misplaced pity; For I a Yogi am, upon the Path of the Acquirement of Eternal Bliss.   The Sun's last rays are passing o'er the mountain tops; Return ye to your own abodes. And as for me, who soon must die, uncertain of the hour of death, With self-set task of winning perfect Buddhahood,' No time have I to waste on useless talk; Therefore shall I into the State Quiescent of Samadhi enter now.

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